This week, we heard about a man almost burning down his house while trying to bake cookies on his George Foreman Grill. We decided to try out the theory!

Earlier this week, we heard about a Florida man whose house caught fire after he tried making cookies on a George Foreman grill. The Niceville man was also drunk on 2 liters of vodka and high off marijuana at the time which definitely played a factor in him forgetting about the cookies. After reading the story, we wondered if people really could bake cookies on a George Foreman grill.

After looking up how it could be done, we found the radio station's handy George Foreman grill we keep in the break room and purchased some chocolate chip cookie dough. During the show, we decided to heat up the grill and try it out for ourselves! The cookies were made and a few staff members tried them. They were edible, but a little dry and crunchy. Next time I'll be making my cookies in the oven.

Here's how to make George Foreman Grill Cookies:

  • Cover the bottom the plate of the grill with aluminum foil
  • Scoop a teaspoon of room temperature cookie dough onto the aluminum foil
  • Place a coffee cup in front of the grill, so it holds the lid up, allowing the cookies space to bake
  • Bake the cookies for 15 min or more, until the cookies are golden brown

The baking times for the cookies vary depending on your George Foreman grill and the thickness of your dough. We had to guess the time that would work so make sure you are closely watching your cookies so they don't burn.

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