Buzz and keeping his pants up has been an issue for awhile now. Not that he just enjoys walking about with no pants, although we do know he does when he's at his house. But hey, that's his house, he should be able to do that.

But at work it seems to happen far more frequently than it should. He's had belts break. He's even had his pants fall down while wearing a belt because he has no ass. There's nowhere for the belt to keep the pants up. And now that he's started the Atkins diet, he claims he's dropped over 20 pounds. Which of course means keeping his pants up is even more difficult.

So he has switched to suspenders. And they seem to work well, for the most part, Today during the end of the show, from my angle it looked like he threw a pen in the air. His computer monitor blocks my view, so I just caught end top of it. Thankfully, we have live streaming happening to catch moments like this. So here you go. Buzz's suspender basically giving up with about 15 minutes to go in the show.