I’m totally amped about Super Sunday this weekend! That’s right…Super Sunday. That’s what I call the day of the Academy Awards! And this year I’ve seen all of the nominated films (at least for Best Picture). Here are my picks in the major categories along with my predictions of what will actually win.


My Pick: Joker

There were many films I really enjoyed this year and that includes all of the nominees for Best Picture. I wouldn’t say I “enjoyed” Joker so much as I was affected by it. I found myself thinking about Joaquin Phoenix’s performance and about the Arthur Flecks of the world long after viewing the movie.

WILL Win: 1917


My Pick: Todd Philips for Joker

I am absolutely alone on this pick with most critics choosing either Sam Mendes for 1917 or bemoaning the fact that Greta Gerwig wasn’t even nominated for Little Women (I agree she should have been). I think of Philips Joker as an homage to Martin Scorsese. He has Joaquin Phoenix playing De Niro’s role from Taxi Driver and De Niro playing Jerry Lewis’s role from King of Comedy! Even the song selection for the soundtrack is very Scorsese. And some of the shots are absolutely iconic. I know he won’t win in this category but Todd Philips is my pick anyway.

WILL Win: Sam Mendes for 1917. Maaaaaybe Tarantino for Once Upon a Time or Bong Joon Ho for Parasite.


My Pick: Joaquin Phoenix for Joker

Okay, I’m not picking Joker for everything but THIS is the one category I’m adamant about. Joaquin Phoenix will absolutely win this award. If he doesn’t I’ll eat a bug.

WILL Win: Joaquin Phoenix. No doubt.


My Pick: Saorise Ronan for Little Women

I’m picking Ronan for two reasons other than her fantastic performance in Little Women.

1.) Enough members of the Academy may feel that Little Women deserves a big award after director Greta Gerwig being snubbed.

2.) I didn’t see Judy with Renee Zellweger who I’m told was amazing.

WILL Win: Renee Zellweger for Judy is what I’m told.


My Pick: Florence Pugh for Little Women

I may be all alone on this one too but I was impressed that Pugh could play Amy March as a child AND as a young adult. In other adaptations the character is usually played by two different actresses (Hi, Kirsten Dunst, you’re still wonderful!) Pugh really plays two character while playing one character and her face is so expressive it’s almost a natural gift rather than a learned talent.

WILL WIN: Laura Dern for Marriage Story.


My Pick: Brad Pitt for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

I didn’t see Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers and I couldn’t get over the fact that Pesci and Pacino STILL looked like elderly men when they were supposed to be in their forties. I still remember when, much to my shock, I discovered Brad Pitt is a great, great actor when I watched Twelve Monkeys 25 years ago. He’s always turned in award worthy performances ever since and he deserves it.

WILL Win: Brad Pitt

There you go! Those are my Oscar picks. If I do very well you’ll be sure to hear about it on Monday. If I don’t, I’ll take this post down Sunday nights so someone better screen-shot it now.

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