New episodes of The Mandalorian only come out one at a time on Disney + so I’m aware we need to avoid spoilers. But I really have some opinions on this week’s episode so I am going to do non-Spoiler spoilers. If you’ve seen the episode you’ll know what I’m talking about but if you HAVEN’T it won’t ruin anything for you. You’ll be fine.

1.) What counts as cannibalism?

If one sentient species eats a member of another sentient that cannibalism? Or, is it just rude?

In Star Wars, there are aliens of all shapes and sizes. Some, like banthas and maybe those horse-things from “Last Jedi” seem to just be animals. But many, many aliens are sentient: they have intelligence and an ethical code and their own spoken language. So, for sake of argument, if one of those sentient species eats the eggs of ANOTHER sentient species…is it cannibalism? I get that “cannibalism” refers to eating a member of one’s own species. But if we earthlings ever encountered an alien race that was as intelligent as or MORE intelligent than us, we’d probably have to redefine “cannibalism” to include them. Although, since we’re talking about eggs does that make (SPOILER SPOILER) a cannibal or an abortionist? Either way, he’s a f***** monster!

2.) Watching THIS Mandalorian makes you realize how BAD Jengo and Boba Fett both were at being Mandalorians.

3.) I’m starting to think that one of the rules of this show is: if you show something REALLY interesting you have to drop it for several episodes. This goes for Boba Fett’s armor AND when Gus Fring showed up with that badass black lightsaber.

4.) How Caves Work

It is a well-known truism that EVERY cave in the Star Wars universe has some horrible, deadly creature in it. The Mandalorian should know this. Hell, EVERYONE should know this. You don’t just hang out in a cave in Star Wars and let your guard down. EVERY…SINGLE…Cave…is going to have a krait dragon, a mudhorn, a wompa or one of those space-slug hand puppets from “Empire Strikes Back” in it. You’d expect a well-traveled bounty hunter to know that if you holed up in a cave there’s something worse in there than the thing you were running from. You land your ship in an alien cave and go looking around for the nearest hot thermal spring to relax in when you SHOULD be getting ready for whatever eldritch horror is about to spring out on you. C’mon, Mandalorian! THIS is not the way!?

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