Alright! It’s a brand new month and that means, among other things…we’ve got the funniest news bloopers from LAST month for you.

As is the custom, I’m going to include a few notes on highlights and moments that I want to draw attention to. As always, you can feel free to ignore all of this and skip right on down to the video.

  • :00—We start out with a couple of standard tongue-tied word mangles.
  • :19--- Cigar-regrets? (begins slow clap)
  • Although, I think if you smoke enough for LONG enough ALL cigarettes are “cigar-regrets”.
  • :49---How could they expect her to pronounce such a difficult, exotic name like “Hamilton”?
  • 1:53—Bicycling without wearing pants is really bad. Especially for your bicycle seat.
  • 4:55---The African-American Confederate sympathizer: What…the…actual…F?

Also, side note: are we sure that’s not Sasha Baron Cohen in one of his disguises? If it is, he’s ripping off Dave Chappelle. I had no idea that there was a real life Clayton Bigsby out there. Well, there is and he wants you to know that he went to an all-white skrool and that his grandfather, a white man, fought for the South in the Civil War. Which doesn’t seem like that could possibly be true but, who knows? Check out the bloopers below for yourself!

For more on Clayton Bigsby, here’s this documentary that contains lots and lots of unacceptable language so watch at your own risk!

Tune in next month for more of these hilarious news bloopers!

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