If you do a morning radio show in America in 2019 you HAVE to do a stunt based on the Netflix movie “Bird Box”. As in, you are required to, by law.
I was on vacay for the whole first week of January so when I returned to work, I was dismayed to find that I was not in compliance with F.C.C. Mandate 27R2543. Under penalty of having my DJ license suspended, I had to hastily put together some kind of wacky stunt based on the latest Sandy Bullock movie. The following video, I believe , brings me up to code.

Many of the Bird Box challenges involve driving a car blindfolded which, when I first heard about it, I thought was extremely stupid. After having seen the movie I now realize how much sense it makes and why it’s much more germane to the plot than the other challenges like “fixing breakfast blindfolded” or “washing dishes blindfolded”. See, in the movie, indoor activities were FINE to do un-blindfolded. Driving a car to the store was one of the activities you HAD to do blindfolded. Of course, I suggest you only do this on a controlled track or at least your workplace parking lot after MOST of your co-workers have gone home. You don’t want to hit any of those pesky neighborhood “speed bumps”, am I right Bird Box fans?

I couldn’t convince Brad or Kevin to let us drive blindfolded in our parking lot but I still wanted to do my required Bird Box stunt with a little more on the line than “possibly spilling cereal”. That’s why we settled on “Bird Box Bird Boxing”. Enjoy!

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