It’s time for another Buzz vs. Joanna! Today’s challenge : who can name the most Disney movies in 90 seconds?

What? Really?? We’re doing Disney movies? That seems a little slanted in Joanna’s favor to me! It is well-established that Lisa and Joanna are HUGE Disney fans. Me…not so much. I know they’ve been trying to figure out a way that Joanna can FINALLY win one of these things but C’MON! This would be about as fair as asking ME to name “Beatles songs”. Or “Great Oklahoma Sooners Quarterbacks of Yore”. Do you think for one minute they would ever come up with a question that so clearly favored me? HA! No Chance.

Well, I’m not one to back down from a challenge, even one so obviously biased. Let’s see how it goes.

HA-HA-HA! I STILL won! Can you believe that??

I do have a couple of bones to pick, however. You may be asking yourself “What kind of insecure jerk wins and contest and STILL complains that it isn’t fair?” I can think of two: the President of the United States…and ME.

We’ve already mentioned that the topic was custom-suited to give Joanna the win, so that’s Complaint #1.

#2. You’re going to count Star Wars and Marvel as Disney? Really? I had ASSUMED those weren’t included because…well, derrrr!

#3. How is it fair that, unprompted, Emily mentions to Joanna that, “Buzz named re-makes so you can too”??

#4. The movie I was thinking of when I said “The Fastest Boy in the World” was actually “The World’s Greatest Athlete” with Jan Michael Vincent. That WAS a Disney movie and I think it should count because…I dunno…Crooked Hillary!?

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