If you've been curious what the Bad Wolves tour bus or temporary living situation is like, Bus Invaders can show you! Bus Invaders got the special tour from John Boecklin who plays drums for the Bad Wolves.

Digital Tour Bus takes you inside the home on wheels that the band Bad Wolves spend some time in while touring. Anyone who goes on tour needs to have essential items to help make anywhere else feel like home. You will discover the things the guys in the band enjoy eating, playing, and other cool stuff! You will learn the name of their bus driver and the frozen foods he eats while on the road. They may be known as Bad Wolves but sure as hell eat right while on the road. John shows off their juicer they use for their protein shakes that they love and what foods are stocked in their fridge. John had no shame showing his bed while bags of clothes from shopping and laundry day were laying on his bed. Unfortunately, you don't get to see the other band members had the visors closing off where they sleep.

If you've ever wondered about what Bad Wolves tour bus looks like, take a tour with Bus Invaders!

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