After much teasing, fanfare and anticipation, Bullet for My Valentine frontman Matt Tuck has finally revealed both the name and first song from his “metal as f—” side project. It’s called AxeWound and it features Cancer Bats’ Liam Cormier on vocals, Mike Kingswood of Glamour of the Kill on guitars, Joe Copcutt of Rise to Remain on bass and Jason Bowld, formerly of Pitchshifter, on drums.

The band also debuted the first song ‘Post Apocalyptic Party,’ which you can listen to below and nab via free download by simply providing your email address.

Tuck won’t be the frontman of the group, admitting in an interview with the BBC that he is looking forward to not being the singer and leader. “It’s going to be different, not being the main vocalist, but it’s something I look forward to, [to] just enjoy being a guitar player and a songwriter,” Tuck said. “It’s not something I ever wanted to do, [to] be the frontman of the band. I was always the guitar player who could sing at the same time and that is how I ended up doing what I do.”

Furthermore, he said, “It’s going to be a different experience. I’ve never not been in a band without singing so it’ll be quite odd to be up there without a microphone in my face for the whole show. But Liam is a dream to work with and one of the most ferocious vocalists.”

Tuck admitted that the band is “invigorating” for him as an artist, especially since he is a family man now. Anything that grabs his attention has to be special.

Previously, Tuck compared AxeWound to Slipknot and Pantera and is adamant that it will be markedly different from his main gig in BFMV. According to the, he said that the music is “stepping away from the melodic, not giving a f—. Because obviously Bullet for My Valentine is a business and we have our formula, and what we do works so we won’t stray from that.”

The project is also refreshing as he can do something a little different on a musical level. He said, “It’s nice to step out of that comfort zone and do something fucking ridiculous and not worry about what people are going to think, because it doesn’t exist yet. We wanted to go in there with kind of like a Slipknot attitude of just everything. Like the ‘Iowa’ album — just f—ing violent. Let it all out. No holds barred.”

Well, we’ve listened to ‘Post Apocalyptic Party’ and we think that Axewound’s mission is accomplished. It gets our adrenaline surging and is purely metallic. “Violent” is an accurate way to describe it.

AxeWound will perform at Download on June 8 on the Third Stage.

Listen to AxeWound’s ‘Post Apocalyptic Party’


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