Bullet for My Valentine lead vocalist Matt Tuck has confirmed that he will do the “big reveal” on his new side project tomorrow, April 30. The Welsh singer issued a tweet yesterday (April 28), teasing fans that more information would be coming.

The project has been kept under wraps for quite some time, with little to no details surfacing. That’s quite a rarity in today’s digital day and age, where stuff travels down the information superhighway rapidly. Tuck was quick to point out that he is not parting ways with Bullet and this is just a side project. He quickly quelled freaking fans and their fears, posting: “Stop freaking out everybody, no, I am not leaving Bullet, this is side project I’ve put together, it f—in rules too! Stay tuned.”

Then he revealed that he is hitting the studio to record BFMV vocals in a week or so, posting: “New Bullet record is coming along great, resume vocal session on the 7th, sounding really good. Busy times!” He also said an October release date is planned for the new Bullet.

So there has been lots of good news surrounding Tuck and his musical endeavors this week!

The new “secret” project, which the singer told a California radio station is “metal as f—,” is the hot topic right now but that which we have the least information about at present time. It sure gives us something to look forward to tomorrow.

Tuck’s tweet about that matter is below.

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