Almost exactly a year after the release of 'Temper Temper,' Bullet for My Valentine have completed several new songs for their next album. In a new interview with EMP Rock Invasion (watch above), frontman Matt Tuck and drummer Michael "Moose" Thomas talked about the new songs.

"We've done five songs so far, and they're sounding very good," Tuck says (transcription via Blabbermouth). "I don't know how to explain it, really … It's definitely more aggressive, edgier. It's definitely stepping back into the heavier side of what we've done in the past. And I don't mean that as in, like, a screaming way … just aggressive music, you know."

Thomas talked about their songwriting process and musical direction: "We just released 'Raising Hell,' so that's kind of like a benchmark for us to [follow]. Certain songs or certain parts of songs will catch us, and then that's the way we wanna write the rest of the record."

"It just depends what comes out, "Tuck adds. "When we're in the dressing room just writing, just playing guitar, a riff will come out and we'll be, 'Oh, that's cool. Let's continue that.' So we'll record a little bit of it. It's very natural. As soon as we get, like, two songs kind of finished, like we did with 'Raising Hell' and the other five, the wheels are set in motion; it becomes obvious where we need to go."

After working with producer Don Gilmore on their past two albums, this time around Bullet for My Valentine have tapped Terry Date (Pantera, Soulfly) to produce. The release date and title of the new album have not yet been revealed.

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