To the point where he drops the mic!

San Diego Comic Con is the mother of all the Comic Cons in America. The biggest stars and the biggest shows, comics, movies, games and more all coming together to rejoice in the geekiness. At the "Breaking Bad" panel, a kid from Albuquerque decided to ask Bryan Cranston, lead of "Breaking Bad" what his favorite thing to do in Albuquerque was. Instead of giving a lame answer, like going to Blake's Lotaburger, checking out the sites, or even buying meth in his spare time, Bryan gives the best answer of all time. Even dropping the mic at the ned of his statement. Once again proving that Bryan Cranston is the biggest bad ass of all. The kid already looked nervous asking the question to Cranston, but he does laugh at the end. I mean, when Bryan Cranston makes a joke about your mom, all you can really do is laugh.

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