A fight broke out inside of Mexican restaurant called Los Paisanos in a town located right near Dallas, Texas. At first, I thought the chicks were fighting over the last taco in the joint but no.

According to Isael Rojas, the guy who recorded the fight. It all started because the chips were $5 bucks and the pack of wild beast wanted the green salsa instead of the red. The struggle is real when picking out good salsa. I'm Mexican-American so I know how serious it can get when choosing salsa but I'd never fight someone over it.

Once the chicks started fighting. One of the guys who was trying to separate the girls gets  himself involved when he pushes away a big dark guy. Well, that didn't go well for him because he got chairs and fist thrown at him. At one point the angry mob had the guy cornered inside of the restaurant.

I guess the guys got tired of fighting and throwing around chairs because the fight just fizzled out. The bad news is these people tore up a perfectly good Mexican eatery. Animals.

And in case you were wondering, Isael Rojas said he was able to order food from outside of the restaurant after the fight finished.

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