KLAQ Balloonfest is coming up soon, so ladies, make sure you start planning your festival outfit. Since it is happening at Wet-n-Wild, you're going to want to find that perfect bikini and I think I can help you out by introducing you to the C-String.

I have to give it to these women, they are pretty brave. I am not brave enough to try this very revealing C-String Bikini on or even touch it. It looks incredibly uncomfortable but they come in some incredibly cute colors.

If you wear a Volbeat, Anthrax or All That Remains shirt over this C-String bikini, I think that would be an amazing Balloonfest outfit. You can get your own at cstringbikini.com!

The only downside to this new bikini is the design of it. It looks a little like a maxi-pad and an athletic cup had a strange baby. I am curious to see if any awesome girls will be rocking one of these babies at Balloonfest and if so, you know I have to get a photo of that!