Fans of South Park know that the creators Trey Parker & Matt Stone are huge fans of musicals & they've had a huge fascination with the Mormon religion. That's why they started the musical The Book of Mormon back in 2011; becoming one of the best Broadway Musicals of all time. And fans of El Paso can enjoy the musical this fall.

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How successful was The Book of Mormon musical?

As of 2023, The Book of Mormon won 9 Tony Awards in its first year on Broadway & the soundtrack album even won the Best Musical Theater Album at the 2012 Grammys.

If you've never seen any of the songs, you can see some down below.

Has The Book of Mormon ever come to El Paso?

This will be the first time the Broadway musical will be held in El Paso. The dates listed by El Paso Theater's website show performances during 3 dates in September & 1 date in October as well as the cast & crew:

  • Friday September 29th,
  • Saturday September 30th &
  • Sunday October 1st
  • There's also an addition date for September 23rd

The Book of Mormon's website also listed a few additional Texas dates:

  • Dallas: August 1-6, Music Hall at Fair Park
  • Amarillo: September 26, Civic Center
  • Midland: September 27-28, Wagner Noel-Pac
  • Austin: November 14-19, Bass Hall
  • San Antonio:  April 5-7th, 2024, Majestic Theater
  • & Lubbock: May 17th-May 19th, 2024. Buddy Holly Hall

The tickets go on-sale this Friday , August 4th at 10am. For more information on getting tickets for The Book of Mormon's El Paso shows, you can find everything on Ticketmaster's website here.

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