2011 was a great year for the folks at RecordSetter, and we’re not just talking about Rachel Sklar, the woman who broke the “boob wiggle” record.

There were 15 impressive attempts of awesomeness highlighted as being the best of the year, including Dan Meyer’s “most swords swallowed in 30 seconds” and Colt Whitmore’s “longest one-foot nose manual.”

But the top honor went to 11-year-old breakdancer B-Girl Spinderella, who broke the world’s “longest headspin” record. She managed to stay in continuous motion on her noggin for 13 minutes and 53 seconds.

We know what you’re thinking, though. the boob wiggling Sklar was robbed. She wasn’t even featured in the top 15. Not only was the feat more impressive than all the others, but we could watch it for hours if she wanted to attempt it.

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