On Friday, June 18th, 2021 KLAQ is bringing you another exclusive Facebook Live from Black Veil Brides.

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Even though live concerts are coming back, some bands are still reaching out to their fans virtually. The Black Veil Brides are a perfect example of bands adjusting to these almost done with the pandemic times.

We are bringing you probably one of the last virtual experiences from the Black Veil Brides as they prepare to go back on tour with In This Moment. The closest they are getting to us is probably Lubbock, Texas.

Virtually, Black Veil Brides will be getting close to you through your phone, tablet or even desktop as you watch them perform on our Facebook Live.

No need for a ticket, this performance will be live and free for our KLAQ followers. Just make sure you save the date and time to log onto our Facebook page.

Joshua Shultz
Joshua Shultz

Do not forget at 7 pm, June 18th, to log on to Facebook and spend some time pretending you are lost in the crowd of a concert. You might actually get to do it for real sometime soon but until then, please join us Friday night at 7 pm. I can not stop typing the day and time for this event because I just want to make sure you have no excuse to join us.

You were warned. You should be watching it even if you are not home. We know you won't leave your house without your phone, so you can watch it there.

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