We here at the Buzz Adams Morning Show love our Netflix, but it’s rare when Buzz, Brandon and I actually agree on a show (it’s usually Buzz who poo-poos on our favorites). But there is one show that all three of us agree on: “Black Mirror.” If you’ve never seen the show, the episodes are standalone so you can pick up on any episode without worrying about following a plot or certain characters. Choose an episode that has a catchy title and watch yourself get sucked into the show. Think “Twilight Zone” but with a modern twist.

Recently, Netflix released a trailer for the upcoming season of Black Mirror releasing the names of the six new episodes in the season. With the release of the trailer, show creator Charlie Brooker and producer Annabel Jones sat down with The Hollywood Reporter and talked about one of Buzz and I’s favorite episode: San Junipero. Buzz was even kind enough to buy me a San Junipero t-shirt! The 80’s themed love story also landed Brooker two Emmy nominations. Ideas for spin-offs/sequels for San Junipero had been thrown out before but this time, Brooker says because the audience has really taken to the episode they may be referencing San Junipero in future episodes.

Black Mirror episodes are set in the (not so distant) future, and will leave you shocked and speechless at the end that you don't even ask questions. San Junipero is a breath of fresh air with a beautiful love story that made me cry at the end. No word yet on when the new season will be out but enjoy the trailer for the new season!