The Black Keys have a new cd coming out and they got a little help from Mike Tyson to let us know!

The Black Keys have released the first track from their new cd "Turn Blue" and they announced the title and release date of the new disc through a really weird Mike Tyson tweet.

The boxer tweeted the words "Turn Blue" along with a link to a really, well, weird video featuring a spinning pink record and a creepy looking hypnotist guy.  You will obey my each and every word," the guy says in a sinister kind of way. "I am inside you now." Ok, that's comforting.  The clip wraps up with CD details and. That's it.

Come on, it is the Black Keys right?  You have to expect a certain degree of weirdness!!

The new track is called "Fever", listen for it on 95.5 FM, KLAQ, El Pasos best rock!!

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