Over 4 million Texans participate in fantasy sports and a new bill wants to let 'em keep doing it.

According to a Texas Fantasy Sports Alliance news release, HB - 1457 has been filed with hopes it will clarify the right of Texans to play fantasy sports and provide:

consumer protections, and allowing this growing industry to prosper in Texas. We are confident the legislature will follow their lead by affirming the legality of this extremely popular leisure-time activity.”

“HB-1457 will clarify a confusing and ambiguous law and affirm that fantasy sports are legal in Texas,” said Rep. Raymond.  “The government should not be limiting the freedom of Texans to participate in fantasy sports contests, which are clearly a game of skill, not chance.”

Texas and it's gambling laws, jeez. There are actually several bills being presented on this matter. If you would like to join the Texas Fantasy Sports Alliance, click here. For more info, call Alison Vickers at (512) 344 - 2612, or email her.


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