Once again, we live up to the "everything's bigger in Texas" motto. The largest swimming pool in Texas takes up the same area as around 4 football fields.

"The Lagoon" at Windsong Ranch is located in Prosper, Texas. A city within the Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington area.

Don't load up your bathing suits and picnic baskets though, about 98% of us can't swim there.

You'll find Windsong Ranch at 1001 Windsong Parkway in Prosper, Texas. "The Lagoon" lies within it and is only accessible to Windsong Ranch residents.

The Lagoon spans 5 acres of land and is 8 feet deep in its deepest spots. For reference, that’s about as large as four football fields — a quarter-mile-wide lagoon that holds 10 million gallons of water. Because of its size and depth, it’s the perfect location for water sports like paddleboarding and kayaking. - a-zanimals.com

What Can You Do At The Lagoon?

Residents can also indulge in all the usual beach activities like sunbathing, volleyball, building sand castles, etc, etc. If you're thinking Windsong Ranch sounds like a nice place to live, better bring $$$.

Home prices at Windsong Ranch can set you back millions of dollars.

Check Out The Lagoon At Windsong Ranch In Texas

"The Lagoon" At Windsong Ranch

Where Can I Swim In El Paso?

If you'd rather save your millions and stick around here, you have a lot of swim options.

There are a number of water parks all over town. There is also Wet 'N Wild Water World in Anthony which is not only nice, it's one of the biggest water parks in Texas.

If you're hot and can't swim, we have several cooling centers around town too.

Pools Near Me.

Someone in your neighborhood has a pool so, if you aren't already friends, start kissing some booty. Temps aren't easing up until around October.

If it's YOU that has a pool, be cool and keep your rates reasonable. Maybe stick to having peeps bring beer 'n bbq stuff.

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