Several large retailers are offering some insane deals in the very near future as they all try and get you to do your shopping with them.

Retail giants Walmart, Target, and Amazon are going head to head to get you to shop with them and it is totally what realtors often refer to as a "buyers market." They are dropping prices and offering special deals left and right which means a break for your wallet.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many businesses to close, kept us all quarantined at home for a minute, and thanks to lost wages and uncertainty kept those of us who were out from spending as we usually would. These retail goliaths absolutely felt it too, boy. To try and counter the effects of the pandemic and get us all back to shopping with them, the big three, Amazon, Target, and Walmart are offering huge discounts and special prices on all kinds of items. Here are the run dates for these mega-deals:

  • Walmart's event starts this Sunday, Oct. 11, and runs through Thursday, Oct. 15.
  • Amazon's Prime Day is next week, with the two-day event running Oct. 13 and 14.
  • Target will run its Deal Days event during the same time Amazon holds Prime Day. - KVIA

Consumer Reports recommends that you download the Amazon app to really capitalize on their offers. "Comparison shopping" is also recommended and it never hurts to ask about "price matching". Don't drag your feet either! Many of these deals will expire suddenly and/or without notice or, the store you choose may run out of the items that you want.

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