Everyone knows just how magical El Paso sunsets can be after 7 pm. If you need proof then just take a drive through Transmountain and you will see it for yourself. So many people will head up to the parking lot spot on the mountain to enjoy watching a sunset with an excellent view.

If you're trying to catch a spectacular sunset on Scenic Drive is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I say that because there are not a lot of parking spaces on Scenic Drive from a Westside view. Unlike Transmountain, that area has more room to offer up for more people to enjoy and how they're there for the same reason everyone else is the sunset.

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El Paso sunsets are a big deal in the borderland. Hell, if it isn't the tourists or visitors, taking pictures of sunsets in 915 it's our own residents. In fact, I was one of them just this past Saturday evening.

The sunset from the Eastside of town looks so beautiful if you choose to view it from afar. I have been lucky to witness a sunset from both sides of town between the West and Eastside. The minor downfall about seeing the sunset from the Westside is not seeing the cool effect of the mountain traced with an outline of sunshine from the sun.

But watching the sunset from the Westside means you can see the circular shape of the sun shrinking. Both sides of town have their own perks when it involves an El Paso sunset. But luckily some of my friends also agree with me about how an Eastside sunset hits you differently. Place your vote for what side of town you prefer to view an El Paso sunset in the poll below.

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