Finding things to do in the COVID-19 era has become more and more difficult. Last weekend my kid's grandparents took her to dinner, which meant the wife and I a meal to ourselves. Then it hit us, what are we going to do? We still aren't completely comfortable leaving the house to go eat at a restaurant. We'll go get pickup, but ultimately we end up eating at our house. And that is what we DON'T want. Ultimately that's what we did though. Womp womp.

This got me thinking about actually being outside and picnics. Someone posed this question over on Reddit, but it didn't generate a ton of answers. CLICK HERE to see the post. The one response that was there at the time I'm writing this said:

There's hardly ever anyone at Veteran's park in the northeast when I go, having said that it doesn't necessarily have the best views.

I need more answers. More options. So I Google it and here is a list of places that are apparently good to have a picnic in El Paso.

  • Paul Harvey Park - 6220 Belton Rd
  • Memorial Park - 1701 Copia
  • McKelligon Canyon - 1331 McKelligan Canyon Rd
  • John Lyons Park - 11510 Cheryl Ladd Ct
  • Hueco Tanks Historic State Site - 6900 Hueco Tanks Rd No 1
  • Bulldog Championship State Park - 316 Bufford
  • Album Park - 10259 Album Ave
  • Licon Dairy - 11951 Glorietta Rd
  • Biggs Park - 11388 Sargeant Major Blvd
  • Chicano Park - 4116 Durazno Rd
  • Ascarte Park - 6900 Delta Dr

This is just a sample of the places you can have a picnic here in El Paso. If you have any suggestions, by all means, let me know.


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