Are you looking for some delicious menudo? Check out the best Menudo in El Paso as ranked by Yelp and Urbanspoon users.


  • Yelp

    La Choza Menudazo & Tamalotes

    According to everyone in El Paso ever, this place makes THE BEST menudo in town. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but you have to appreciate a place that will make tamales and menudo any day of the week. If you like more tripe than hominy in your menudo,  you’ll love La Choza.

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    Good Luck Cafe

    With reviews on Yelp like, "Best menudo in EP.” and "If you want real Mexican menudo this is the place! Menudo is always fresh and delicious,” the Good Luck cafe is the perfect place to find a steaming hot bowl of menudo (pictured). Simply put by Nicholas N., "Menudo is the best.” We agree, especially since they serve it every day!

  • Flickr-Paul Garland
    Flickr-Paul Garland

    Pepe’s Tamales

    Not only can you get amazing menudo at Pepe’s Tamales, they sell it by the quart and pint, which makes it very easy to take home. Grab a dozen tamales while you’re there for the perfect Mexican meal.

  • Carnitas

    Carnitas Queretaro

    All three Carnitas locations in El Paso serve menudo on the weekend. It’s the perfect blend of hominy and meat with just enough spice. Plus, Carnitas makes all their tortillas on location!

  • YELP

    El Chihuahuita's Tacos Al Pastor

    If you’re serious about menudo, this gem on Montana is THE place. The spice is perfect, they give you LOTS of Oregano, which I love, and the set up for the menudo is just right. It comes with bread instead of tortillas, so if you don’t want the bread make sure to mention it to the server.

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    Pro’s Ranch Market

    Ok, don’t think I’m crazy, but the menudo (and food in general) at Pro’s Ranch Market is great! If you’ve never been, they have a small restaurant inside the store. You can sit and eat before shopping. On weekends, they serve Menudo and Posole. As one Urbanspoon user attests, "Menudo is a favorite here. The majority of the people dining in the morning are having a huge bowl of it and others line up with pots from home to take.” People line up for this stuff and it’s really affordable.

  • Flickr-christinelu.china

    The Lunch Box

    A quick option for a cup of menudo. A large bowl is only $6 and a one-sized to-go cup is less than $5.

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