If I ever wake up and find a bear cub in my yard, "Can we keep it?" will not be my first thought.

A family in Slovania (where else??) found a bear cub and decided to keep it. (Why not? The Logar kid(s) will not only be very popular in school; they'll also be voted most likely to be mauled!) 

Check out the story at yahoo.com

The funniest part of all this??  The look on the dogs face in this picture.  Insert your own captions here and/or on the KLAQ facebook page!


I'll get you started!

You've gotta be sh***ing me.


Seriously, he's asking if I'd mind rolling in salt. Do something .......


This is absolutely un-bear-able.


Is this why you named me Tigger?

Ok, I'll stop .. your turn!!

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