Curiosity doesn't always kill the cat in this particular case. If you've been curious about strolling the Catwalk Recreation Area you can kill your curiosity and visit. Despite Covid-19 still hanging around the Catwalk Recreation Area is open. Wanting to explore Catwalk Recreation Area can cause concern because of Covid-19. I spoke to a ranger at the Glenwood District who mentioned the Catwalk is open. You're allowed to take a stroll on the Catwalk but the rangers require you to maintain social distancing.

Although it raises concern for tourists, the staff want you to know that they monitor the area frequently. If you have been wanting to go out in the open for some fresh air Glenwood, New Mexico is the place. The Gila National Forest has a bunch of helpful information and phone numbers to answer your questions. You don't need to make reservations and there are plenty of picnic tables, toilets, and parking. They're open year-round and allow dogs as long as they're on a leash. You can get a quick view of Catwalk Recreation Area thanks to NM Outside's YouTube Channel. What I love about this place is that it is also wheelchair accessible so everyone can experience the Catwalk.

If you're considering taking a quick road trip either now or after Covid-19 passes this place is perfect. If you're curious about how far or long this road trip will be out of El Paso, not long at all. The trip to Catwalk Recreation Area is a little over 200 miles outside of the 915. There are some people out there who haven't been able to complete the Catwalk hike after their second visit. If you have been looking for a place to be one with nature, Catwalk Recreation Area is it.

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