Would you believe it if I told you there was a version of the newer online review services that has been around since the same year the Titanic sank? Well, it’s true because 1912 was the year that the Better Business Bureau was founded. The BBB’s mission was then, and still is today, to build trust in the marketplace. They have been giving the public verified information about businesses so that consumers can make better choices. They also accredit businesses that meet pre-established standards regarding ethical business practices, so you know when you work with a BBB Accredited Business, you can trust them.

Other than the 100-year history, what advantage does the BBB.org have over online review sites? From what I can tell, most of these business review sites are left up to the whims of whomever decides to go on-line and post a comment or review. Maybe you’ve seen the South Park episode where reviewers demand special treatment or they’ll leave a lousy review?

The BBB has pretty strict customer review processes and rules, but it goes deeper than reviews, too. Take this profile, for example:

You can see MAK Roofing and Construction has been accredited with the BBB since 2014, has an A+ rating with the BBB and has 13 customer reviews. They only keep their A+ rating if the uphold the BBB Standards, like being responsive to customer concerns.

For businesses, the BBB also offers online lead generation tools and plenty of marketing tools that showcase their accreditation, from online materials to plaques in business windows. In El Paso, more and more businesses are joining each month, as the BBB showcases on its Facebook page:

Business owners: Are you ready to get started on the accredited process? If you’re NOT an A+ kind of business, the BBB can guide you on the steps you need to get there. Want a little more information?

Here's the easiest place to get started: