I've never personally been into a Cabela's, but I am a huge fan of Bass Pro Shop. There was one right down the street in Florida, and it was almost worth it just to go hang out there. It was kind of like having a mini camping trip just being there.

Well, in a pretty blockbuster deal, Bass Pro Shop is buying Cabela's for a whopping $5.5 billion. However not everyone is happy about the purchase.

"That's crazy, I never would have suspected that ever," said customer Gregory Scott. "It kind of makes me sad, I always liked Cabela's better than Bass Pro."


"I'm sure it will hurt people in this area," said customer Mike Anno. " It will also hurt competition."

Bass Pro Shops currently owns 99 stores nationwide and employs about 20,000 people, while Cabela's has 85 stores, and employs just under 20,000 people. Bass Pro Shop's CEO says that it'll be business as usual at Bass Pro Shop, and looks forward to growing the Cabela's brand.