Now I'm not one who ever got into comics, and super hero's and such. Superman has and will always be my favorite, but last year another crime fighting smart mouth came into my life! Ladies and gentleman I give you Dead Pool!

A loveable sort who in his real life is a hired hit man named Wade Wilson. Not even cancer's ugly ass can conquer this simple man, turned rogue super stomper! The thing that makes Mr. Pool different is the fact no matter the injury, his body repairs itself almost immediately. Hence the fact cancer can't touch him. His smooth but at times aggressive art of taking out the enemy is a work of art. Mona Lisa who?

This is definitely one dude you don't want to be on one's bad side! Just watch the beginning of the movie and make sure you're strapped in. Did I mention that this is a love story? More like a love, action, comedy, horror, sex movie. WHAM!