If you remember Washington Park's lake from back in the day you're lucky. My grandparents were the only ones who were around in the year 1910. It was 47 years later that my parents would be born and hear the stories from their parents. It is always interesting to come across old historic photos especially when something doesn't exist anymore. The lake at Washington Park no longer exists which bums me and I'm sure some of you out.

Back when the lake existed people would enjoy spending their time paddling in boats. Yes, I know people can do the same at Ascarate Lake but won't know what it was like at Washington Park. If you have visited Washington Park now you may be wondering where the lake once was. You have a general idea of where the lake was thanks to Gertrude Fitzgerald's photo she took in 1910. There aren't a lot of photos that exist of Washington Park Lake and happy Gertrude Fitzgerald captured the ones she did.

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