Two duets have been written by this newly married couple and you have probably already heard one of them. 

On Avril Lavigne's new album their song "Let Me Go" is in it (its actually a pretty song, if you ask me). The second tune Lavigne and Chad Kroeger of Nickelback did together is, "If I Said I Loved You" which has actually not been released yet. Although, this is the song that they danced to at their wedding. So at least their family and friends got to hear it, Avril does hope to release it, but not now.

The song, "Let Me Go" is the first song they wrote together before they were a couple. Kroeger helped her by giving her hints and ideas and different takes, mainly to try more. Now things are a bit different as they are working together, spending more time together and are definitely more comfortable with each other.

For the time being, they have a lot of things they want to do, so expanding their family is not in the picture. Lavigne's tour begins in February and who knows, maybe next year they may release a Christmas album.


Here is the video to their song 'Let Me Go':



Since you're already here ... have you seen her video (lovely kiss with Danica McKellar of The Wonder Years) Rock N Roll?! Its cool.


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