A man in Fayette County, Penn., has caused some controversy among his neighbors due to his Christmas display. He features a Santa Claus dummy being hung from a noose on his front porch.

This display is the man's attempt to protest the commercialization of Christmas but we know what happens when people try to rage war on Christmas ... people freak out!

WTAE went out to ask some residents what they thought about the display and found the realest woman this holiday season, Barbara Carpenter.

Many people wonder about a good age to admit to their children that a jolly guy doesn't really climb down a chimney on Christmas. Well, Barbara thinks people should stop blowing smoke up their kids' ass! I totally agree, but if not, we should make learning about Krampus necessary for future children.

The man with the offensive display ended up taking his Santa display down because he didn't want to offend anyone. I think he should have just had Barbara's attitude, but it is the season to be jolly.