A Texas city is allowing the change of a sign, temporarily, to honor the late, great music icon.


We don't know who decided to do this or how, but the city of Austin, Texas is honoring David Bowie by changing the name of Bowie street near 5th street in downtown Austin to David Bowie temporarily.

The sign change is located by the South by Southwest offices in downtown Austin. It is unknown who decided to make the change, but city officials did say that the sign will be staying up at least until next week. They released this statement regarding the name change:

“The Austin Transportation Department has been notified that someone got creative with the street sign at Bowie and 5th Streets, changing the sign to read “David Bowie” in memory of the musician and pop-culture icon. We appreciate Austin’s reputation as the Live Music Capital of the World and recognize David Bowie for all he did for the music industry and more. To this end, we will leave the sign up until Tuesday, January 19, so our community can enjoy the makeshift memorial a few days longer. At that time we will have to replace it with the real street name sign.”

While the city is going to support the sign, a spokesperson from the Austin police department said that whoever changed the sign could faces charges of theft and criminal mischief. Both of the charges are misdemeanors, but the level of the charges would depend on the cost of changing of the sign and how much effort it takes.

Some have assumed that someone at the SXSW offices might have change the sign, but the festival founder has shot down that claim. Festival founder Roland Swensen said that “it’s just a coincidence it’s across the street from our office at 400 (David) Bowie St."

You can read more and check out the pictures at Austin360.