While the military has remained one of the few steady "jobs" throughout the COVID 19 pandemic, most military families rely on more than one income to survive.

Many military families rely on 2 or more incomes to put food on the table and get by, especially those military families whose serving member has been deployed. A great number of military families rely on second and sometimes even third incomes to keep bills paid and food on the table. The COVID 19 pandemic has caused job losses and cuts all over the country and, unfortunately, some of these have affected the families of our front line heroes. According to an Armed Services YMCA PSA:

Thirty-four percent of military families have experienced a loss of income due to the pandemic as military spouses, already unemployed at a rate six-times higher than their civilian counterparts prior to the pandemic, experience COVID-related job losses. As a result, many military families now find it difficult to put food on the table without this vital second income. This stress is only compounded by the uncertainty around schools reopening and the availability of affordable child care in many locations.

1 in 3 military families have suffered a financial hit during the pandemic and the Armed Services YMCA ... an affiliate of the "Y" ... is stepping up to try and help these families by providing emergency food relief across military installations around the country, including the El Paso area. They can't do it alone though and are asking for all our help in their cause.

For more info on local Armed Services YMCA programs, click here. To donate, click here, and to learn how you can help in other ways, please click here.

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