Arizona is home to some truly unique museums like the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson or the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix. However...Arizona is also home to what the world has called "The World's Smallest Museum". To find this museum, you have to travel to Superior, Arizona (Ironic isn't it?)

How big is the World's Smallest Museum

If you're traveling down Highway US-60, when passing through the small town of Superior, Arizona (and we do mean small; it has a population of less than 2,500 people) there's a good chance that you'll "blink & you'll miss it", because it's THAT small. The Buckboard Café building that's right NEXT to the museum, is much bigger.

Google Maps
Google Maps

You might be thinking to yourself "'s not there. You might not see it, but it IS there. The World's Smallest Museum was actually originally a Tuff Shed shed, a 134-square foot shed that was transformed into a museum that we see today. It was opened in the mid-90s by Dan Wight and Jake Reaney.

So what exactly is IN the World's Smallest Museum?

Well it's definitely a trip back to the old days of the United States. You'll find various items like old packaging of snacks, a computer from the 80's, a letter to former president John F Kennedy, and even "The World's Largest Pear" inside. The other notable bit is the roof and how it was made...

It's truly one of the most unique roadside attractions you'll find in Arizona. If you want to discover the World's Smallest Museum for yourself, its address is 1111 US-60, Superior, AZ 85173.

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