An Arizona mom says that her son was the victim of bullying in school and when she spoke up about it, her son was kicked out of school and she was banned.

A Tucson. Arizona mother says that her third grade son has been bullied at school over the past few months. Sue N'Goran says that her African American son has been spit on, kicked, called names and more at the hands of his classmates.

N'Goran told KGUN 9,

He's been bullied by these children calling him a dirty "N" word saying that he's brown only because he's so dirty that he can't get cleaned. So he'll scrub himself, he'll sit in the bathroom and scrub his skin trying to get the brown off of him. And asking me why did you make me brown. If you know I was going to get bullied.

She and other parents at the school say that the haven't done anything to stop the bullying, so they spoke up at the school board's weekly meeting. N'Goran said that during the meeting, the district administrator that "we're going to tackle this bullying issue and we're going to take care of it." Instead, N'Goran says the next day she was told school officials believed she made it all up and she had been banned from all Tucson Unified School District Property.

KGUN9 reached out to the school district about Sue N'Goran's allegations against the district:

"We cannot comment on any particular incident due to privacy laws. In general I can say that campus safety is our highest priority. Any person who threatens students or staff or presents a concern with the rights of others is not allowed on campus via board policy."

Read more at the KGUN 9 website. You can also watch the entire KGUN 9 interview below.