LA might be the police pursuit capital in the world but Arizona has seen its share of insane police chases in history. One of the craziest ones happened in the mid 90s involving a Chevy Corvette. One man decided to take one on a joyride to see just how powerful they are while being chased by the cops.

In 1997, Arizona would see an insane police pursuit involving a stolen Corvette

Jared Fitzgerald would steal a Chevy Corvette C5 on June 3, 1997 in Buckeye, Arizona (near Phoenix). Jared reportedly stole the Corvette from a local car showroom and would lead police on a wild chase on the highway. He would hit speeds up to 165mph; some of the fastest speeds recorded during a police chase. But he would find out that driving that fast, makes it extremely hard to control a car of that power.

While racing down the freeway, Jared would fly past one semi, then a 2nd one, but the 3rd one, he would slam right into the back of a tractor trailer.

It's still amazing to think that Jared would walk away unhurt after the crash. When he was interviewed,he admitted that he thought he would get away if he reached the city. Obviously… that didn’t happen. Thankfully no one else was hurt in the pursuit. The only causality was the Corvette itself

Arizona would see another insane Corvette police chase 20 years later

This wouldn’t be the only police chase involving a Corvette in the state of Arizona either. Another stolen Corvette would be destroyed after a police chase in Phoenix in 2017.

These stories serve as more reminders to not only drive at those speeds on public roads, but don't run from the police. They WILL get you. Also don't destroy Corvettes man... they're beautiful cars. They don't deserve that sort of punishment for being so fast.

If you want to see another crazy police chase, you can see the New Mexico chase that was stopped thanks to a semi truck here.

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