Halestorm's feisty drummer, Arejay Hale always puts on an energetic performance. The lucky crowd in Paris, France got to witness one of Arejay's amazing drum solos with a surprise ending. Oh, how I wish I was that drum kit.

Last night, Halestorm performed at the Zenith arena in Paris, France. From the photos shared by the band members on Instagram and Facebook, they all seemed to enjoy rocking Paris. None of the members mentioned this accident but Arejay's girlfriend, Jessie Covets shared this hilarious video of Arejay's intense solo on her Facebook. She jokes to be getting revenge on him for not calling her last night.

As Arejay is about to finish up his killer solo, he jumps up on his seat and comes down hard! He recovered from the fall like a pro by running straight to the crowd, in hopes they could raise up his confidence.

Don't worry Arejay, you are not alone. Many other rock stars screw up during performances and this video proves it.