Short answer is ... yes. There are crocodiles in Texas. Will they eat you? More on that later.

Crocodiles don't exactly make it up to every part of Texas - they exist in the Lone Star State mostly in the southernmost parts. I'm talking about places like the lower Rio Grande Valley - which includes areas like Brownsville, Harlingen, and McAllen. These areas are closer to the border with Mexico and have the right kind of habitat for crocs to hang out.

The American crocodile is the species of crocodile that can be found in Texas. However, their presence is low compared to alligators, which are actually a little bit more common in the state.

That's right... there are alligators in Texas, too!

While it is extremely rare for crocodiles to eat humans, there HAVE been instances where crocodiles have attacked and killed people. However, alligator attacks on humans are more common in the U.S. than croc attacks.

It's important to remember that both crocodiles and alligators should be respected as wild animals, and precautions should be taken to minimize the risk of encounters. Following local guidelines and regulations, such as not feeding or approaching these animals, can greatly reduce the chances of negative interactions.

Crocodiles are more likely to attack animals that are a part of their natural diet, such as fish, reptiles, birds, and mammals like deer or smaller mammals that come near the water. They typically avoid human contact unless they feel threatened or provoked. Human flesh is not a typical part of the croc diet.

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