They made a HUGE deal out of retiring and signed legal contracts stating they would never tour again. Now, it seems Motley Crue will do just that.

An incredible amount of money could be made after the success of "The Dirt". Is anyone really surprised that the no touring contract is suddenly not so binding? For the record, when they called it quits in 2014, I said it was a publicity stunt and they'd be back in a few years. Now, roughly 5 years later, looks like I was right.

Anything for a buck I guess. Not that I mind, plenty of bands have hung it up and then later regrouped. Motley Crue though, throughout their entire career, have railed against people that aren't "true", expressed great disdain for those who put money before integrity and talked smack about bands that regroup when they can no longer really "bring it". (No offense to Vince Neil fans but, have you seen him live, lately?)

It appears that a major tour is in the works featuring Motley Crue, Def Leppard and Poison. All that I just wrote notwithstanding, this is still great news for fans. As for that legal agreement; what are they going to do? Sue each other?

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