After KFC created this crazy new idea of a chicken corsage, local shops have started to create their own versions that you can customize for your school. Is this trend crazy or trendy?

We had a pleasant surprise show up at the studio. Linda from Anita's Flowers create her own version of a chicken corsage and decided to give it to us. How can we say no to chicken?

Emily Slape
Emily Slape

Well, we can say no to chicken corsages since no one will be heading to prom anytime soon.  The KLAQ Morning Show has been discussing this idea of giving your date a chicken corsage. Buzz and Mando continue to arguing about how stupid this idea is while Fernie and Lisa continue to smell the glorious chicken.

Chicken is just the start. We can add the El Paso flair by having Chico's Tacos come up with their own version. One taco covered in cheese sounds like a dream prom gift. I would rather have a corsage that has some kind of cupcake or cookie, probably an Oreo cupcake from Sweet Addiction.

Other crazy corsage ideas could soon be a reality, so what would your dream corsage be?

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