It's been two weeks, but many in El Paso are still finding it difficult to accept the nickname the branding company Brandiose helped give our new Triple-A baseball team...the Chihuahuas. Why? Maybe this will explain.

Don't get me wrong, I've written and said a number times that the team, the ballpark, the whole ball of wax is a great thing for El Paso. I'll be at the games.

But that NAME!

The merch may be selling, but 90-percent of the people I've spoken to still don't like it and won't like it. I've calmed down from a very negative knee-jerk reaction, but I can't say I'll ever accept it. How can Brandiose say they did their El Paso research in creating the name and branding for...the Chihuahuas? Too many negative connotations to be just ironic or sarcastic.

One of those sarcastic, weird nicknames (the Lansing Lugnuts, the Montgomery Biscuits) would be fine, but El Paso can be a little sensitive when it feels it's the butt of a joke. Not that it should be, but shouldn't those who chose the name have known this?

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