Scott Ian has opened his vaults and the Anthrax archive. The guitarist is auctioning off a multitude of items from over 30 years of his headbanging history. Everything from those famous yellow shorts imprinted with the “Not” saying all over them to a beat up pair of Adidas high tops (size 8, Patrick Ewing style) to vintage passes and tour itineraries are going on the block. If you are a diehard ‘Thrax worshipper or tried and true metal fan, there are plenty of items worth owning here. Some of the offerings are priceless.

Ian has quite an amassed quite a collection of stuff over the years. It’s a library-like vault. But there’s only so much stuff he can keep and store, so he’s shedding some items and lightening the load. His loss is your gain!

It’s a catalog of cool, rare and personal items, totalling over 180 pieces. Ian is also auctioning off guitars, like the signed snakeprint version that he used and his personal European tour itinerary from 1986. Another gem? The ‘Married With Children’ script from his Feb. 1992 appearance on the sitcom. It’s autographed by the entire cast, which means it could likely increase in value over time.

It’s a metallic treasure trove so if you are a collector or want in on heavy metal history, head on over here to bid on Scott Ian’s stuff. It’s a nice mix of utilitarian and collectible stuff.


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