When the timing is right for God's sake, pay attention! I say this because if I had been anywhere other than where I was, I wouldn't be writing this blog, so thank you Anthrax!

The event I will be elaborating on took place two years ago at Wet N' Wild Water World. This was the last day of the 2015 KLAQ Balloon Festival! Not only was the energy from the crowd electric for the rock about to explode on them this was a great night for everyone present.

Having been in our promotional department and just cracking my teeth on the mic here, this event will always be remembered. I was filming Anthrax up in the very front of the stage when it happened! Joey Belladonna had just cheered the sound guy with an energy drink. Joey then went to the front of the stage and attempted to toss a girl in the front his drink. She missed it but not me. Joey looked at her with a disappointed look, as it laid on the ground without missing a beat I grabbed it put the rock horns airborne and finished the drink.  Looking up at Joey he grabbed my hand slap heard around the rock world! Awesome!

Having met him since I can't say enough kind words. So, thank you Anthrax and Joey Belladonna for a great memory I'll never forget! What are some of your favorite concert memories?