Mount Cristo Rey

Next month the Annual Pilgrimage will be taking place at Mount Cristo Rey. The Annual Pilgrimage always happens on the last Sunday of the month. This year the hike will be on Sunday, October 27 at Mount Cristo Rey. The hike is set to begin at 6 am and wrap up by 2 pm. They recommend that you don't go hike outside of scheduled events due to safety issues. There will be security present for the Annual Pilgrimage on Sunday, October 27.

The Annual Pilgrimage always occurs on the last Sunday of the month of October each year. This pilgrimage is a way of celebrating the finalization of the monument that sits at the top of Mount Cristo Rey. The date is also shared with the Christian feast of the King. Over the years there have been as much as 40,000 people who take part in the annual hike. There are some who make that 5 miles journey up the mountain barefoot while others hike up on their knees. Above are some pictures I took when I did the hike up Mount Cristo Rey.