Yeah ... Vermont.!

I would have gone with Texas or California for my guess.  Huge populations, proximity to the border and a deep and abiding passion for the ganja being my main reasons but, nope, it's not us or them.  So who is smoking all the dope??

Seriously, freakin' Vermont!!  According to the 2010-2011 survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, they are numero uno.  (California has a lot of drug users also but, believe it or not, Texas barely even got on the board!!)  According to the survey, 15% of Vermont-ers had used an illegal drug in the past month with a full 13% of that being marijuana use.  Let's hear it for the stoners!  Finally, we've come in ahead of everyone on something.(Besides junk food usage!)

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Vermont Department of Health's deputy commissioner for alcohol and drug abuse programs, Barbara Cimaglio said:

I think Vermont is really in sort of a perfect storm because we're on that highway between Montreal, Boston, New York, and also going to Philadelphia." "You have to go through Vermont to get to some of the bigger cities like Boston, so it seems like some people are just trafficking along the way and Vermont is one of the stops."

She also said;

I think what drives this up tends to be the higher use of marijuana, and if you look at the states [with high illicit drug use], they tend to be the states that have decriminalized or have more favorable attitudes toward use of marijuana."

Gee, ya think so??

I see why they part her in charge, she's eeeesssssmart!