So many awesome people come out of Burges High School: Danny Olivas (Astronaut), John Skelton (QB for Arizona Cardinals), Stephen Skelton (NFL hopeful!) and KLAQ DJ, Rick "Mardi Gras" Madrigal! he he.

I can still remember walking the halls of Burges and talking to John Skelton who is the QB for the AZ, Cardinals! His dad, John Skelton, used to my coach way back in the day!! I'm so glad and honored that I went to high school with such big names! Proud of you guys!!!!

Skelton threw passes to his brother, who ran a variety of pass routes under the supervision of Cardinals tight ends coach Freddie Kitchens. It was Skelton-to-Skelton, just like it used to be at their house in El Paso, Texas. Their father, John, who coached his sons in high school, got them started young, buying them Vikings and Bears kid uniforms (complete with plastic shoulder pads) when they were little boys.

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What other big names have come out of El Paso? Leave me your comments!