The CarnEvil is opening tonight! CarnEvil is located at 1840 Lee Trevino, at the corner of Montwood and Lee Trevino. For those who may remember, or were of age at the time, CarnEvil is actually located in the building that once was Graham's Central Station.

I had the opportunity to check out the haunted house last night for media night before it opened to the public. Equipped with a company phone, to go live on Facebook, and a group that consisted of our digital manager Emily, her fiance, his niece and my nephew, I felt confident that I would survive the CarnEvil. I survived the CarnEvil just enough to live to tell the story.

If you were one of the (probably less than 70) people who clicked on our "live" notification then you too got a sneak peek at the CarnEvil. One of the great things you'll notice about CarnEvil is the art. Around any corner is a fluorescent mural reminiscent of a fever dream-like fun house. Among some of my favorites include murals of Captain Spaulding, Clown from Spawn and Art the Clown from Terrifier. I wanted to stop and take selfies with them but I could not because, as the name states, this is the CarnEvil and you just never know what is coming out of the darkness.

You can check out the live video below, but beware that it is NSFW. Also, at different points we dropped the camera and eventually had to stop the broadcast. In total, it took us 25 minutes to get through the whole thing, and at one point we were running! The long, dark hallways and strobe lights along with the special guests who are just dying to meet you are all worth it.

A special shout-out to Jerry, Mario and Joe and all the guys of 915 Productions for having us! Make plans to join us at the CarnEvil haunted house at 1840 Lee Trevino this Halloween season!