We all enjoy reminiscing about the good old days by remembering old places. Some of those old places are still standing while others not so much. Living in El Paso all your life means you see a lot of places come and go.

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In fact, some of us were heartbroken to see some places we enjoyed, leave. Well, an El Paso man Carlos Marquez had gone to an estate sale purchased a few things, and also snagged a 1984 phonebook. Carlos Marquez was excited to flip through it and do what everyone does with something old, flashback remembering places he visited.

Well, that is exactly what this old El Paso phonebook from 1984 did for me. So if it did it for me, it could possibly do the same for you. Below are some pictures Carlos Marquez shared he thought some people would get a kick out of. For example, one picture will certainly throw you down the flashback tunnel.

That picture is of a K-BOB'S ad which was one of my favorite places to eat as a child. Carlos Marquez is accepting requests from anyone who wants to see anything specific in his new collected item. You better believe you will see Chico's Tacos, Shakey's Pizza, and Cashaway.

Isn't it crazy how little things like this can bring a smile to your face? The Popular ad is another one that will take you back to your youth. But feel free to time travel to 1984 by scrolling down and seeing pictures from a 1984 El Paso phone book below.

1984 El Paso Phonebook

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